Dental Fillings in Warren

Fillings are one of the quickest treatments in dentistry. They do exactly what their name suggests, which is filling holes in teeth that are caused by decay or small fractures caused by oral trauma. Dental fillings are an important restoration treatment that helps you to repair natural teeth cost effectively so you can retain them for longer.

Dental Fillings - Warren, MI

W Dentistry in Warren, MI uses modern, tooth-coloured materials for dental fillings to give you a natural look so it’s virtually impossible for anyone to notice the tooth repair.

Consultation for fillings

When you visit our office in Warren, MI for a consultation for dental fillings, we will use a small mirror to inspect the surface of your teeth, checking for signs of decay or tiny cracks and fractures. Fillings are ideal for closing small gaps in order to prevent bacteria from hiding in these spots and causing more harm. For larger holes, you may need to consider crowns or root canal therapy.

If you’re a suitable candidate for fillings, W Dentistry will help you choose the best material for your case. Tooth colored fillings like porcelain and composite resin are more aesthetic compared to most of the conventional materials such as gold or silver amalgam. They can be customized to have the same appearance as your tooth enamel, giving you a natural tooth repair solution that is virtually unnoticeable.

As such, tooth-colored fillings are mostly used to repair front teeth so they won’t affect your smile. They’re also a suitable choice for back teeth.

What to expect - Dental Fillings

First, we will numb the tooth and the surrounding area using a local anaesthetic to eliminate any pain and maximize your comfort during treatment. Next we will drill and remove the decayed material from the tooth, and then insert the tooth-colored fillings. The filling material is placed into the prepared site in layers, while shining a special light on each layer to hasten the setting process. The filling will then be shaped so it takes the shape and size of the original tooth. This is important to keep it from interfering with your bite and chewing habits.

Dental fillings are typically placed in a single appointment. The repair should last about 10 years with proper dental hygiene and habits, such as avoiding nail biting or wearing a night guard to manage grinding.

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Whether you have a chipped tooth or cavity, W Dentistry can provide the right solution to help restore the function and aesthetics of your mouth. Please contact our office in Warren, MI to learn more about dental fillings and/or schedule an appointment to discuss your dental goals.